Lac de Nino © Corsica Aventure

Walk the walk...

Kumaon Recce © Shakti

Kumaon - Indian Himalaya

The Isthmus © Maria Island Walk

Maria Island - Tasmania

Sartene © Corsica Aventure

Corsica - France

Three of the best walking destinations in the world

Slow travel has become known as the best way to really capture a destination, and walking is the ideal pace. Hawthorn Travel & Cruise is known for offering unique quality products that do more than scratch the surface. We have sourced three guided walks, some easy but none too difficult, in three very different walking destinations:

 Indian Himalaya: captivating, stunning scenery and be immersed in local culture
Tasmania: a beautiful coastal trail with the most superb gourmet cuisine and local wines to end each day
Corsica: discover this spectacular French island, its food, wine and glorious sunshine in blue Mediterranean.