Malta at a glance by Rosemary Goode

Excelsior from the sea © AVon Brockdorff

A quick update this morning as my car is about to arrive.

A quite day preparing myself for my travel to Glasgow tomorrow. Washing, working, etc. Until the evening when I walked up and down the promenade for the last time. Still a lot going on even though the festival is over. All the Maltese mingling with the tourists, people watching really. Had a lovely dinner at my little cafe/restaurant across the road and read some more of the diary.

Malta at a glance!

*English speaking
*Friendly & engaging
*Great restaurants
*Excellent nightlife for all ages. Nightclubs, Casino to Festivals
*Family friendly
*Historically extraordinary
*Easy to get around
*Easily excess-able from other parts of Europe

Thank you Malta!!!


Rosemary Goode,
Hawthorn Travel client for more than 14 years