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Spring Cruise - April 2016

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Modern Elegance

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Exclusive Spring Cruise in Holland, Belgium & Germany

The magnificent MS AMADEUS I will deviate from its regular route to create a unique opportunity to experience beautiful Dutch ports, Holland’s famous Keukenhof Tulip festival, the chocolatiers of Belgium and the majesty of one the great rivers of Europe, the Rhine, in springtime.

The MS AMADEUS I has an ambiance of nostalgia and romance. Not only does she incorporate the history of the changes that have come about on Europe’s rivers, but she has also witnessed the countless adventures and special moments of her many past passengers. Whether it be lounging on the sun deck, deep in a book in the ship’s library, or sipping a class of wine in the Panorama bar – enjoy the special atmosphere of this splendidly elegant riverboat and enjoy the peaceful scenery along some of Europe’s most important lifelines.

You have the choice of three exclusive river cruise departures:

♦ European Rivers at your bequest (14 nights – Holland, Belgium & Germany – Amsterdam to Amsterdam)
♦ Tulip time River Cruise (7 nights – Holland & Belgium – Amsterdam to Nijmegen)
♦ Springtime in Germany (7 nights – Germany & Holland – Nijmegen to Amsterdam)

These sailings are a one-off charter so, whether you have river cruised before or it’s your first time, we encourage you to look at the great itineraries and the value only a charter can offer.

April 2016

Spring River Cruise Amadeus I

Three Cruise Options

European Rivers at your bequest

02 to 16 April 2016 – 14 nights

Holland, Belgium & Germany
Amsterdam to Amsterdam

From $3,950 per person

Tulip time River Cruise

02 to 09 April 2016 – 7 nights

Holland & Belgium
Amsterdam to Nijmegen

From $1,975 per person

Springtime in Germany

09 to 16 April 2016 – 7 nights

Germany & Holland
Nijmegen to Amsterdam

From $1,975 per person

MS Amadeus I

  • Modern Elegance

    · Floating 5-star hotel
    · 146 passengers
    · 40 crew members
    · Personal service
    · Culinary delights
    · Sustainable travel

  • Cabin Categories

    · Mozart Deck: 22 cabins with panoramic windows (15 m2)
    · Strauss Deck: 22 cabins with panoramic windows (15 m2) and 5 cabins with windows (15 m2)
    · Haydn Deck: 24 cabins with windows (15 m2)
    · Cabin Amenities: Double Bed, TV, Cabinet, Telephone, Writing Desk, Chair, Safe and Ensuite (with toilet, wash basin and shower)

  • Ship Amenities

    · Sun deck with deck chairs
    · Fun-pool
    · Chess board
    · Navigation Bridge
    · Lido Bar
    · Panorama Restaurant
    · Panorama Bar
    · Hairdresser
    · Library
    · Amadeus Club
    · E-Mail-Station
    · Bord Shop

Cruise Itinerary & Excursions

Embarkation 15h00

Amsterdam Canal Cruise by night (21h00 – 22h00) OPTIONAL (13.20€)
*Walking distance from the ship*

The city of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, is often called ‘Venice of the North’ with a history dating back over 700 years ago. It is home to countless canals and more than a thousand bridges. Enjoy this must-see canal cruise in Amsterdam by night. This will highlight the typical architecture of Amsterdam’s canal houses, most originating from the 17th and 18th century. Each canal house is different in character through the use of different colors, shapes and brickwork. Such characteristics were the only means of identification until Napoleon introduced a house numbering system.

Amsterdam City bus & walking tour (09.00h – 12.00h)
*Included coach transfer from and to the ship*

With its characteristic canals surrounded by narrow, low and crooked 17th-century houses, Amsterdam is, without a doubt, one of the most charming capital cities in Europe. With a rich cultural life and a wide range of entertainment, Amsterdam is a full-scale city, which has managed to retain its small-town feel. Amsterdam is also a real treat for art-lovers and is home to over 50 museums, many of them famous across the globe. And of course you’ll find out why everybody in The Netherlands owns a bike! Enjoy a guided city bus and walking tour in the amazing city of Amsterdam.

Walking tour Hoorn (15h00 – 16h30)
*Walking distance from the ship*

In Hoorn, you’ll uncover the history of the powerful Dutch East India Company, which sent beautiful ships to trade with Asiatic countries during the 17th and 18th centuries. The history of the town is not just on show in the old center; it can also be seen in the harbor and surrounding areas. Time seems to stand still here. The sails are hoisted, the decks scrubbed and you can almost still smell the spices that the Dutch East India Company brought back from trips to the Far East. Enjoy a guided walking tour through Hoorn followed by free time at leisure.

Boat cruise along windmills Kinderdijk (15h30 – 17h30)
*Walking distance from the ship*

A significant part of Holland is situated up to approximately 7 meters below sea level. The Dutch don’t notice any of this though, because an incredibly innovative and intricate system that keeps the ever-rising seawater from flooding the land. Even during spring tide, the Dutch are safely guarded from being washed away… The most important aspect of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk is undoubtedly the unique collection of 19 authentic windmills, which are considered a Dutch icon throughout the entire world. We will visit one of the windmills and take a look inside. Following this, a quaint boat will pick us up and sail the canal of the Overwaard. You will have a beautiful view of all the windmills and the area from the water.

Delft City walking tour & visit Delft Blue factory (9h00 – 12h30)
*Included coach transfer from and to the ship*

Delft is the city of Delft Blue, the House of Orange and Johannes Vermeer. A city of great charm with the best Holland has to offer. When you think of Delft, you first think of Delftware – and that is no surprise when you consider that Delft ceramics have been an important export product for more than 400 years. Nevertheless, Delft has more to offer guests than just ceramics; the New Church on the Markt dates back to 1381 and is closely connected to the House of Oranje-Nassau, the Dutch Royal Family. And then there is Johannes Vermeer: one of the best-known artists from the Dutch Golden Age. His name is inextricably linked with Delft, the city in which he was born in 1632 and where he lived and worked all his life. Enjoy a guided walking tour through this charming city and visit a Delft Blue shop where you’ll get an explanation and demonstration on how this beautiful ceramic is made.

Rotterdam Harbor boat tour (14h45 – 16h00)
*Walking distance from the ship*

Experience one of the world’s largest ports in all its glory. Among the busy traffic of sea-going and inland ships, this trip is a special journey through one of the largest harbors in the world. You can see Rotterdam’s impressive skyline with its imposing buildings glide by, and then get a unique view of the harbors shipyards, docks and the hypermodern transshipping of thousands of containers. Last but not least the tour will end with a view of the steamship ‘Rotterdam’, the former cruise flagship of shipping company Holland America Line.

Brussels City bus & walking tour (9h00 – 12h00)
*Included coach transfer from and to the ship*

This guided city bus & walking tour through Brussels, the capital of Belgium and famous for “Manneke Pis”, is something you don’t want to miss. The bus will take you from the magnificent St. Michael’s Cathedral to the world famous Atomium, the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese tower. We will see the enormous offices of the European Parliament. Via the Royal residence “van Laken” and the impressive Court of Justice, we drive to the impressive King’s Square and the Royal Palace. The bus will continue to the center of town from where you will continue walking to the beautiful Grote Markt. Your guide will explain the history of the unique City Hall and the beautiful Guild houses. Enjoy a tasty Belgian beer on one of the many beautiful squares.

Ghent walking tour & dinner (15h00 – 21h00)
*Included coach transfer from and to the ship*

Ghent, the city of the Mystic Lamb, light and culinary delights is often called “Europe’s best kept secret”. Ghent breathes history but is also brimming with culture and modern city life. Ghent’s history, art, wonderful architecture, water, top gastronomy and joie de vivre are sure to win you over. After sunset, you can enjoy the acclaimed lighting plan which illuminates the buildings in a magical way. Enjoy the city’s highlights with the famous three-tower row; The Belfry tower, the Saint Bavo’s Cathedral and the Saint Nicholas’ Church during a guided walking tour. With a reputation as a culinary hotspot, the city of Ghent should not only be visited, but also be tasted. Therefore we will enjoy a wonderful dinner together in one of the local restaurants after the walking tour.

Antwerp City walking tour (09h00 – 11h00)
*Walking distance from the ship*

Belgium’s second largest city and biggest port, Antwerp is definitely worth a visit. In the mid-16th century it was considered one of Europe’s most important cities and home to baroque artist Pieter Paul Rubens. Despite severe WWII bombings, the city retains an intriguing medieval heart with café-filled cobbled lanes, a riverside fortress and a truly impressive cathedral. Explore Antwerp’s historical center with a guided walking tour.

Walking tour Nijmegen and visit Museum Valkhof (09h00 – 12h00)
*Walking distance from the ship*

The rich cultural history of Nijmegen dates back 2000 years, when the Romans arrived and Nijmegen grew to become the biggest city of The Netherlands from that time. Some centuries later Emperor Charlemagne chose the Valkhof to build a palace and it became one of the most important places of his empire, mainly because of its strategic point, on top of the hill with a perfect view over the river Waal. But because of this strategic point Nijmegen was also often in the heat of the fire during war times. The last time that happened was during the Second World War when allies bombed the city by accident. Hundreds of people died and also a big part the city center was destroyed. But thanks to successful reconstructions, Nijmegen kept its charming and lively character. Museum Valkhof houses a major collection of Roman antiquities, old masters, and modern art. Enjoy the rich history, culture and humbled atmosphere in this city with a guided walking tour and a visit of the museum Valkhof.

Düsseldorf City bus & walking tour (09h00 – 11h00)
*Included coach transfer from and to the ship*

Enjoy the charming city of Düsseldorf with a guided city bus & walking tour that will take you on a journey back in time, helping you to better understand how this city came about. After the extensive bus tour, you will arrive in the center of the old town, where you will continue with a walking tour with your guide. From there, you can decide to return to the ship by coach or to leisurely return to the ship at your own pace.

Walking Tour Koblenz (8h30 – 10h30)
*Walking distance from the ship*

Experience one of the most beautiful towns in Germany with more than 2000 years of history. It also has a variety of famous stories shaped around many local traditions and sites. Enjoy highlights such as the church ‘Liebfrauenkirche’ and St. Castor’s Basilica, whilst strolling through the romantic streets. Other main attractions like the Monument of Emperor Wilhelm I and the German Corner will also be seen on the tour.

Extend walking tour with a cable car trip to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

Possibility to combine the walking tour with a visit of the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein by cable car. Your guide will finish the walking tour in front of the cable car station. Return trip cable car and entrance ticket fortress included.

After dinner Wine Tasting in Cochem (21h15 – 23h00) OPTIONAL (16.50€)
*Walking distance from the ship*

In the evening, we will arrive in the fairylike town of Cochem on the romantic Mosel River. The first thing you want to do here is taste the delicious Mosel wines! After enjoying a wonderful dinner on the ship, we will take you to a nearby wine cellar for a wine tasting. While savoring several local Mosel wines, a humoristic sommelier describes the history of the region and famous viticulture. As a special gift, you’ll receive a bottle of wine on the house for your journey home!

Tour through Cochem Castle (09h00 – 10h30)
*Included mini-van transfer from and to the ship*

By minibus, you’ll be transported all the way to the top of the hill where you’ll find the beautifully renovated Reichsburg Castel. Once inside, a guide will walk you through the different castle chambers. This is also a fantastic opportunity to get a view of the beautiful Mosel Valley. On the way back, you have the opportunity to step out of the minibus in the center of Cochem and explore this lovely town on your own. Alternatively, the bus also offers access directly returning to the ship if you prefer.

Mini train through vineyards with music cabinet and wine tasting (09h00 – 12h00)
*Walking distance from the ship*

Aboard the wine-grower-express mini-train, you’ll drive from the ship’s mooring point into the idyllic vineyards of Rüdesheim. The train will drop you off in the heart of town, from where you’ll visit the famous mechanical music cabinet, with the chance to listen to as many as 350 self-playing musical instruments from over three centuries. Afterwards enjoy a wine tasting at a local winery in this beautiful town.

Walking tour Cologne (09h00 – 10h30)
*Walking distance from the ship*

Uncover over 2000 years of history dating back as early as Roman times. Your guide will highlight the various cultural and historical sites of Cologne, including the Hehnetor and the Glockengasse 4711. Also famous in Cologne is the Hohenzoller Brücke, with its thousands of small padlocks hung on the bridge which symbolize love, by couples who have hung them there. The tour will finish at the impressive Dom cathedral, where you are free to explore the city and cathedral on your own.

German Beers & Sausages tour Cologne (15h00 – 17h30) OPTIONAL (38.50€)
*Walking distance from the ship*

Experience a real German “pub crawl” in Cologne with a local guide. The guide will take you to several typical German pubs and breweries where, while enjoying the beers of course, you will learn everything about the history and tradition behind the local Kölsch beer. Together with tasty traditional German pub food like sausages and sauerkraut! Beers and food are included.

Visit Palace ‘t Loo Apeldoorn (9h00 – 12h30)
*Included coach transfer from and to the ship*

In the heart of the Netherlands, just outside Apeldoorn, is Palace ‘t Loo, a palace dating back more than three hundred years. This former royal residence has been open to the public since 1984 after undergoing major renovation.  The interiors give visitors an impression of how the palace was lived in for three centuries by the royal family of the Netherlands, princes and monarchs of the House of Orange Nassau. The gardens with their fountains and flower parterres radiate the atmosphere of their seventeenth century origin. A visit to Palace ‘t Loo, set in one of the country’s most beautiful nature parks, is a unique experience at any time of year. Enjoy the palace and its gardens at your own pace with an audio guide.

Disembarkation 09h00

Deck plan

Cruise Rates (A$)

Cost per person Mozart Strauss Sup Strauss Hayden
14 nights cruise* $4,880 $4,580 $4,460 $3,950
Single Supplement $3,450 $3,200 $3,080 $2,550
7 nights cruise** $2,440 $2,290 $2,230 $1,975
Single Supplement $1,725 $1,600 $1,540 $1,275

*European Rivers at your bequest – 02 to 16 April 2016 – 14 nights – Amsterdam to Amsterdam

**Tulip time River Cruise – 02 to 09 April 2016 – 7 nights – Amsterdam to Nijmegen
**Springtime in Germany – 09 to 16 April 2016 – 7 nights – Nijmegen to Amsterdam


• All excursions as mentioned in the cruise itinerary
• Full board including: buffet breakfast, lunch, afternoon high tea (cakes, soup, sandwiches, coffee, tea), dinner and late night bar snacks
• Beverage package for lunch and dinner including choice of soft drinks, juice, regional quality wine (red or white) and draft beer
• 24h Coffee & Tea Station (self-serve)
• Captains Welcome & Farewell receptions inclusive of 1 drink
• Captains Welcome dinner & Farewell dinner (Gala)

• Cabins serviced daily
• Luggage service pier – bus – pier
• On-board entertainment
• Music program every day in the bar by a pianist or by the Amadeus music group
• English speaking cruise Director and English speaking crew members
• English daily program printed out and distributed to each cabin
• All ship related port and dock fees
• All guest related insurances (P&I)

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